10 Days Dodola community tourism trekking

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 10 days

Tour code – BMTA –ADT 05.
Attractions – trekking, bird watching, scenery and wildlife.
Duration – 10 days/9 nights.
Transportation – Surface drive and trekking.

The towns of Adaba – Dodola are set in a high plain extending on both sides of the Wabeshebelle river at an average altitude of 2400 metres above sea level. The plain is boarded by the north western part of the Bale Mountains.

The Bale – Arsi massif forms the western section of the southeastern Ethiopian highlands and covers the largest uninterrupted region above 3000m in Africa. It is highest summit is the Tullu Deemtu with an altitude 4377metre above sea level. The highest peaks of the Adaba – Dodola mountains are in Wagebeta (3764metres above sea level and Berenda Tiqa (3737m above sea level).

Day 1: Arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Meet and greet you Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia representative at exist of luggage claim and transfer you to the hotel. Overnight stay in Hotel Addis Ababa.

Day 2: Addis Ababa city tour.

You will have an early breakfast and you first visit in Addis Ababa will be the national museum (houses numerous antiquarian relics and archaeological artifacts including 3.5 million years old skeleton of Lucy).Then  you will continue to visit mount Entoto ( 3200m above sea level, the church of St.mary(1885) and museum and emperor Menelik II palace. Lunch at Ardi restaurant or Lucy restaurant. It was constructed by Emperor Haile sellassie in 1947 ( ornamented with carvings and mosaic and other artistic works such as paintings of saints and the apostles  stained glass) and visit merkato, the largest open market in Africa. In the evening we will host you at one of the best traditional restaurant of Addis where you can see the folk dances of the Ethiopian people and taste Ethiopian variety of meals.

Overnight hotel in Addis.

Day 3: Drive to Dodola via Shashemenne.

In the morning after breakfast you will drive Dodola ,Enroute you will make stop on lake Ziway (best known for its birdlife) to visit aquatic birds. You will have lunch at Shashemenne then proceed to driving and arrive in Dodola late afternoon.

Up on arrival you will check in to a hotel and later, you will prepare the necessary logistic for your trekking. In the evening you will have dinner and stay the night at Hotel.

Overnight stay in Local hotel Dodola.

Day 4: Trek Dodola to Waharo.

You will have an early breakfast and drive to changitti (2750m, above sea level) 1Okm from Dodola.

Here you start trekking to Waharo campsite on the trail that follows the Lensho River. You will have lunch in the bush .Up on arrival you will make short trek around Waharo to visit the impressive rock formation of Waharo.

Oernight stay camping at Waharo.

Day 5:Trek Waharo to Angafo.

Early in the morning after an easy breakfast, you will do trekking to Angafo. The way leads through forest and moorlands with heather. Between Tullu Gademsa (3640m asl) and Gama Hugicho(3713m asl)the vegetations starts being dominated by the Giant Lobelias and thistles. All in all you may need about 5hours for just less than 10km. In the evening you will spend the night at Angafo campsite (3460m asl).

Day 6: Trek Angafo to Adele.

After breakfast you will continue trekking full day to Adelay. Crossing Hagenia Abyssinica and Hypericum forests fields of lobelias and Red hot pocker (Torch lilies) and passing caves, the 9km tour may take you about 4hours. Over the section, the trails follows a mountain ridge with view to the volcano shaped mount kaka(4100m asl) and mount Honkolo(3900m asl) in Arsi on the other side of Adaba – Dodola plain.

You will  will cross heather moorland, Erica and Hagenia forests and wooded pastures until you reach Adele. Look out for Coloubus Monkey in the huge Hagenia trees directly around the hut and appreciated the peaceful silence, the warbling of birds of insects or rustling of grazing animals. You will have packed lunch in the bush. In the evening you will spend the night at Adele campsite.

Day 7: Trek Adele to Mololicho.

The way from Adele to Mololicho is long but beautiful scenery (18km) first it follows a mountain valley, then a mountain ridge, from where you can see down to the reservoir of Wabeshebelle. Lobelias and Torch lilies are plentiful along the route .In the evening you will spend the night at campsite.

Overnight camping at Mololicho.

Day 8: Trek from Mololicho to Duro.

Afterbreakfast, you will continue trekking full day to Duro 2680m asl. The 18km tour from mololicho to Duro covers the longest distance between Adaba- Dodola trekking camps. From the Duro camp it is possible to continue the horse trekking to adjacent Bale mountains national park after prior arrangement through Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia.

Overnight stay camping at Mololicho.

Day 9: Trek from from Duro to Bucha Raya and drive to Awassa.

After leisurly breakfast you will do trekking to Bucha Raya. You will have packed lunch in the bush. Duro is probably the forest camp with most impressive view. It borders the Bale mountains national park. It is embedded in a rough mountain are covered by Erica moorlands. Then you vehicle will be waiting for you at Bucha Raya (9km from Adaba) and then drive to Awassa.

Up on arrival in Hawassa you will check in to resort, take a shower of the last nine days. In the evening you will rest, have a dinner and stay the night in the resort.

Overnight stay in Haile Resort or Lewi resort and spa.

Day 10: Drive back to Addis Ababa.

After breakfast, you will be driving to Addis Ababa.On the way you will also visit Abiatta shalla national park, Lake shalla(a very deep creater lake – over 260 metres deep) and lake Abiatta (a soda lake with thousands of Flamingos).

You will arrive Addis Ababa late afternoon and you will do some shopping for souvenirs. Finally you will be taken to a fare well dinner depending on your scheduled flight; you will be transferred out to Bole International Airport for return flight back home.