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Jamal Kassim

Jamal Kassim (Founder and General Manager)

My Name is Jamal Kassim and I am founder and manager at Bale Mountains Authentic TOURS.I started this business to promote the tourism and introduce new people to the Bale mountains /My home and birth place / as well as to my country Ethiopia . All the while providing clients with the best level of service and best experience over all .Trough this I hope to make Ethiopia world-class tourism destination. I have been working as tour guide in Bale Mountains National park for 6 years and during this time I have been continuously working hard to improve my guiding knowledge with the services I offer. I attend the French course at Alliance Ethio francaise in Addis Ababa where I received my Diploma in French Language .In addition I have attended numerous tourism courses and training provided by Bale Mountain, Madda Walabu University and Frankfurt Zoological society.

My passion is guiding and I am committed to both this field of work and providing my skills.

In my time as guide I have been fortunate enough to travel to and become familiar with the entire tourist destination in my country Ethiopia. I am familiar with Ethiopian history ,culture, and nature .I am also fluent speaker in English, French, Afan Oromo and Amharic language .as I said I am very passionate about guiding and hope that I get chance to show you my Amazing country .


Why Bale Mountains Authentic Tours?

  1. Our specialist knowledge and personalize service will create a more interesting ,unforgettable adventure holiday for you .
  2. Our courteous service will not end with your booking maintained through out the whole trip in Ethiopia.
  3. The most consideration for safe, enjoyable tours is meticulous  preparation ,in this regards no body equals the consideration of BALE MOUNTAINS AUTHENTIC TOURS.
  4. Our experienced team leaders ,tour guides ,drivers ,cooks ,pay care full attention to arrangement for travel preparation food and strict rule of hygiene.
  5. We provide you with clear detail of the coast of your tour ,so then you are fully aware of extra expenses that may be occurred ,no un pleasant occur to our  clients.

At the end, Dear respected travelers , if any of you are planning to visit Ethiopia, with an immense interest and dream of exploring the spectacular mountains ,nature, untouched  culture and history of Ethiopia by trekking and driving Bale mountains Authentic tours us your first choice.