15 Days Bale Mountains Trekking and Indigenous lower Omo valley

15 Days Bale Mountains Trekking and Indigenous lower Omo valley

The Bale mountains national park a range of mountains in the southeastern parts of Ethiopia wich covers 2165 square kilometers of these mountains. The Bale mountains are home of 26 percent of Ethiopian endemics animals, birds and plants, notably the Ethiopian wolf, Mountain Nyala and Bale monkey.

The park also contains Harenna forest, situated to the south of the national park wich is a largely unexplored area through to contain many undiscovered species of reptile as well as Black maned Lion, Leopard, African wild dog and various types of antelope. Besides wildlife national park offers exceptional trekking opportunities from our tour companies in Dinsho.

The lower omo valley is located in the great rift valley in Ethiopia and offers a wide variety of indigenous tribal people and animals that inhabit it. The region is well known and famous for its cultural and diversity of Ethiopia. The tribes that live in the lower omo valley are believed to be among the most fascinating on the continent of Africa and around the world.

Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia offers off the beaten tracks and ecological camping to several villages. When you visit the lower Omo valley you have the chance to come into contact with you the following tribes: Arbore, Ari, Bena, Bodi, Bumi, Desanech, Dorze, Hammer, Karo, Konso, Kwegu, Mursi, Tsemay, Suri and Turkana through Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia.

Day 1: Arrival at Addis Ababa, Bole International Airport.

A welcoming by Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia representative at Bole international airport by greeted and transferred to your hotel. Following some refreshments and start your tour to sightseeing of Addis Ababa. The city tour of Addis on the first day is always depends on arrival time.

Overnight hotel in Addis.

Day 2: Addis Ababa – Dinsho – Goba.

Today drive 400km through the fertile land of Arsi region en route chance to see some of the cultivated land and lifestyles of Arsi and Oromo people and proceed to the headquarter of the national park chance to seeing antelope families such as endemic Mountain Nyala, Menelick Bushbuck and Reedbuck and so more.

Overnight Goba Wabeshebelle Hotel.

Day 3: Goba – Sanetti plateau – Harenna forest – Goba

Toda drive to the stunning views and its easy accessibility to both sanetti plateau and Harenna forest. The plateau is home of to probably the main attraction of the national park, one hour’s drive away from Goba. The Ethiopian wolf is the world’s most rare canid, with some 2/3 of the remaining population (350) inhabiting the sanetti plateau  and proceed to the second highest point Tullu Deemtu (4377m asl).Then continues to the southern part of the national park – Harenna forest and cloudy forest in Ethiopia.

Overnight Goba Wabeshebelle hotel.

Day 4: Drive Goba to Sofomer – Goba.

Today after breakfast continue to southeast of Bale 125km from Goba. Sofomer cave is one of the longest underground cave in Africa, with a total length of over 1.5m. The meandering Web river lies in an entrenched george, 150m below a level basalt plateau. In the late afternoon drive back to Goba.

Overnight Goba Wabeshebelle hotel.

Day 5: Drive Goba to Dorze Lodge.

Proceed another 409km from Goba to the southwest via Shashemenne, Walaita Sodddo and detour on Guge mountain to Dorze.

Overnight Dorze Lodge.

Day 6: Dorze to Konso.

After breakfast visit Dorze village and tribe proceed to 140km  via Arbaminch ‘Gamo gofa province’ into karat konso visiting chief of konso village , their marking grave (Waka) and Newyork landscape.

Overnight Kanta Lodge.

Day 7: Konso – Jinka.

Today drive to machekie village and 140km entering lower Omo valley UNESCO world heritage site vie Weito (where Tsemay tribe visited into key afer and 42km to Jinka via Kako (Ari tribe visited).

Overnight Jinka hotel.

Day 8: Drive Jinka to Mago national park –Jinka .

Drive 55km to Mago national park to visit mursi tribe (plate stretching tribe) and daily life then back to Jinka for overnight the same hotel.

Day 9: Jinka to Turmi:

After breakfast visit Ari tribe and drive to Turmi via Key afer “ to visit Benna” tribe then proceed to Hammer village via Dimeka (hammer villages).

Overnight Turmi.

Day 10: Excursion around Turmi.

Today visit Hammer tribes surrounding Turmi searching for ceremonies and cultural events if possible Bull jumping ceremony, wedding ceremony and their pastoral society.

Overnight Turmi.

Day 11: Drive Turmi to Karo:

Drive 65km to savannah plains into Omo river o visit Karo tribe at Kolcho Vilage:

Overnight Karo, Murulle campsite.

Day 12: Drive Karo – Kangate:

Today continue another 17km to Kangate crossing Omo river to see Nyangaton tribe and late afternoon walking to Murulle camp.

Overnight Karo, Murulle campsite.

Day 13: Drive Karo –  Turmi.

Today chance to visit Dus village / karo tribe in the afternoon drive another 65km via Savannah plains to Turmi.

Overnight Turmi.

Day 14: Proceed Turmi – Arbaminch.

Today drive drive rough road to Arbaminch enroute chance to see Tsemay tribe in Weito valley via Arbore tribe and Karat konso into Arbaminch.

Day 15: Drive Arbaminch – Addis Ababa.

Today after breakfast drive 506km to Addis via Soddo; Hossaina, Butajira (Gurage tribe) with stop in Tiya stelea (world heritage site) then Addis. In the evening a fare well dinner party in one of the traditional Ethiopian restaurant from different ethnic groups. Then transfer to the airport for flight back home.

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